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One-off contracts for companies and individuals -  50% deposit, balance payable upon completion


Retainers - paid monthly, in advance.  Unused hours can be carried forward to the following month

bulletOn-going contracts - by arrangement


10-25 per hour depending on the amount and complexity of the work involved.  All additional materials required are charged at cost.

Mail shots postage, printing and other material costs to be paid in advance.

Retainer and ongoing contract invoices to be paid within 14 days.  One-off contracts to be paid upon completion.  We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue invoices.

Legal Niceties

Stonetext Online Admin Services provides a professional and confidential service.  Client contact details are treated in the strictest confidence and are never sold to third parties.

All Stonetext Online Admin Services systems are virus, firewall and password protected with regularly updated software.  All incoming files will be checked for viruses.  Any documents found to contain a virus will be returned unopened to the client and a charge will be made for the costs involved.  Any unsolicited email with an attachment will be deleted.

Stonetext Online Admin Services reserves the right to refuse any contract it deems to be illegal, immoral, objectionable or believes to break copyright law clients will be required to sign a declaration to this fact.

Final proof reading of all documents is the client's responsibility.  Any errors notified within 7 days of contract completion will be rectified free of charge.

Stonetext Online Admin Services will not commence work until a signed agreement has been received that stipulates the precise work, hours, cost and payment terms.  Should the client require an amendment to this, a further signed agreement will be required.

Whilst Stonetext Online Admin Services takes every precaution to prevent system failure; it cannot be held liable for any loss whatsoever due to computer, power or telephone line failure.

Stonetext Online Admin Services recommends that clients use a secure method of posting and cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred should documents get lost in the post.  

Stonetext Online Admin Services reserves the right to terminate or suspend any contract (without penalty) if the client fails to settle an invoice by the due date.


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