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Although Stonetext Online Admin Services can provide a comprehensive typing, word processing, DTP service we do much, much more.  Here are some of the other secretarial services we can assist you with:

bulletSmall quantities of business cards.  Save the often costly mistake of over ordering simply because you've been offered a good price.  You don't need to order hundreds of exactly the same card, I can print any quantity of customized cards for different services or members of staff.  Alternatively I can arrange for a supply of business stationery to be printed.
bulletA4 colour window films - so much more professional than a piece of paper stuck to the window.
bulletMagnetic A4 advertising decals for the sides of cars - a great way to advertise when you're out and about, plus it makes life easy if you want to change cars.
bulletDocument templates incorporating your logo or other header/footer which you can then use for documents.
bulletFor those on a tight budget or with limited usage needs, the cost of purchasing Adobe might prove prohibitive.  However, I can convert your documents to password protected pdf so that you can send them securely knowing that they cannot be altered or only opened by the recipient depending on the security level incorporated into the document.
bulletProof-reading documents requires an eye for detail and sound usage of grammar.   
bulletDesigning fliers for events.
bulletLaminating signs, posters and documents.
bulletConverting files from a variety of sources into a single document with a coherent style.
bulletPrinting labels for mail shots.  I can even incorporate your logo to give it that professional touch.
bulletMail merging is a great way to personalize letters for clients.

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