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There are many ways you can create a presence on the internet, depending on how much you are prepared to pay.  From bespoke web design consultants to cheap off-the-shelf/online programs, the range can be daunting, as can the price!  Whilst DIY programs can be an extremely cost-effective start, they do have their limitations.   At the other extreme, a bespoke e-commerce web could cost a small fortune depending on its size and complexity.  Stonetext Online Admin Services can:

bulletDesign your site from scratch
bulletUpgrade your existing site
bulletProvide help and assistance with problems if you are creating or changing your own site 

My last few creations from scratch are the revised Stonetext Online Admin Services web site you are currently using;  Virtual Office Management Solutions; Account Solutions and Stonetext Web and Graphic Design.  Please feel free to explore them at your leisure.

I use industry standard products (Microsoft FrontPage and Dreamweaver) to provide a cost-effective solution to web design.  These software packages are sophisticated, yet flexible enough to allow adaptation for your specific requirements but are programmed to do a lot of the hard work that a bespoke web would involve.

By using specialist design packages it is possible for me to create stunning, individual navigation buttons like these:


Call 0771 981 5636 to discuss how Stonetext Online Admin Services can give your business the presence that it deserves.


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