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Image: Virtual assistance provides efficiency and cost-effectivenessThe technological advances of recent years means that it is now possible for many people to work from home.  Whilst there is still resistance from some employers who have a need to see 'bums on seats', the more enlightened and financially astute are already reaping the benefits of a more flexible attitude to the working day and environment.

Virtual assistants (VAs) are highly skilled in a variety of fields who, after working for many years in other secretarial and administrative roles, then choose to work for themselves.  Some will offer local employers the facility of working at their premises; others will only work in a  virtual capacity.  Some virtual  assistants are unable or unwilling to work the standard 9-5 working day, but do have the capacity to work for part of the day plus additional hours in the evenings the work still gets done, its just the process is slightly less conventional.

Image: A virtual assistant can provide support outside normal office hours

Why incur the cost of purchasing additional equipment for a temp or part-time employee and which takes up valuable office space when you can make use of a virtual assistant's fully equipped office?

Stonetext Online Admin Services provides tailored administrative services that will meet your requirements at a fraction of the true cost of employing more staff or hiring an agency worker.

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